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Due to the high cost of freight damage, the difficulty in recovering these costs when shipments are improperly received, and the recurrence of issues from non-adherence to receiving best practices, we want to ensure that our dealers are instructing their customers about the importance of properly inspecting and receiving shipments to avoid loss. It is the dealer’s responsibility to instruct their customers on how to receive shipments to avoid bearing the expense of damage or loss when these incidents occur.

Bay Verte and The Power Tool Store will not assume costs for shorted or visibly damaged shipments when the guidelines below are not followed, such costs will be borne entirely by the dealer and/or the ultimate consignee.

Shipments via Truck Freight

Visible Damage or Shortage

Inspect all shipments for freight damage and carton shortages before signing the shipping document. Any and all damage must be noted on the carrier’s copy of the shipping document (Delivery Receipt) and a copy retained for the recipient’s records. Shipping industry guidelines prevent any recourse with the carrier when this action is not taken. Do not discard any packaging. Shipments that bear excessive visible damage should be refused at the delivery point.

Concealed Damage

The shipment must be opened and inspected within 14 days from the shipping date and Bay Verte must be notified ASAP if any shortage or concealed damage is discovered. Concealed damage and/or shortage claims made after 5 days of the shipping date will not be honored, as this is the maximum allowed time for any remedy with freight carriers. Do not discard any packaging.

Shipments via UPS Ground

Any damage or shortage on a shipment should be reported to Bay Verte ASAP and must be reported no later than 7 days following delivery. If damage or a shortage is discovered, the original box and all packaging must be retained for the carrier to perform an inspection of the shipment.

Lift Gate Service

Bay Verte does not pay for liftgate service and any liftgate charges will be billed to the dealer. If you believe that liftgate service will be needed, then order it in advance. This is the only way to assure that your discounted rate will be applied. Failure to do this is likely to incur redelivery charges and liftgate service charged at the carrier’s standard (full) rate. These charges and any additional special shipping, delivery, or accessorial charges are the responsibility of the dealer and will be invoiced accordingly. With liftgate, the carrier will either assist with hand offloading or employ the use of a traditional hydraulic lift. The customer will still be responsible for moving the freight from the curbside once it is off the truck.

If you have any questions, then please contact us.