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Smart Switch 400 Amp Service Rated 120/240 1-Phase, NEMA3R Cul Approved


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This automatic transfer switch is used for transferring electrical load from a utility (normal) power source to a generator (standby) power source. Transfer of electrical loads occurs automatically when the utility power source has failed or is substantially reduced and the generator source voltage and frequency have reached an acceptable level. The transfer switch prevents electrical feedback between two different power sources (such as the utility and generator sources) and, for that reason, codes require it in all standby electric system installations. The transfer switch consists of a transfer mechanism, utility service disconnect circuit breaker and a smart A/C module incorporating fuses and two terminal blocks for transfer switch connections.

  • Through the use of digital power technology, Generac’s singe-phase service rated transfer switch has the ability to manage 4 individual HVAC loads with no additional hardware
  • Designed for use with single-phase generators that utilize an Evolution or Nexus Controller
  • Aluminum (indoor-outdoor) enclosure with electro-statically applied and baked power paint provides additional corrosion protection
  • Gain even more flexibility when used in tandem with Smart Management Modules
  • The Smart A/C Module manages the loads by shedding the connected loads in the event of a drop in generator frequency (overload)
  • Single-phase, 120/240-volt; Cul listed transfer switch

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Weight 113 lbs
Dimensions 10.1 × 21.8 × 48 in