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Campbell Chain and Fitting

In 1992, Campbell pioneered the development of Grade 100 chain and fittings. These products feature a 25% higher working load limit than competitors’ Grade 80 products, often resulting in lighter, more ergonomic and less expensive chain assemblies. More recently, in 2013, Campbell introduced a new design for its anchor shackles that moved all mandated markings from the top of the shackle bow to the sides of the shackle. This new design helps prevent fraying of synthetic slings, which are widely used in the heavy construction, oil and gas, and marine and mining industries. Another recent Campbell product advance was the introduction of extra-wide master links that conform to Grade 100 specifications. These links have a larger opening than standard master links to better accommodate today’s larger lifting hooks and to make working with heavy wire rope quicker and easier. Most recently, Campbell introduced a new hand line block with a 1,500-pound working load limit (WLL), which is based on resultant load, making it the strongest in the industry. Its compact design and lightweight aluminum alloy construction are sure to make it a favorite among professional linesmen working on utility lines. Campbell products are known for the highest standards of safety and strength, so strong, reliable Campbell marine chain can be found serving as a critical component of many tsunami-detection systems currently being installed around the world.

Website: http://www.campbellchainandfittings.com/