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EZG Manufacturing

The Beginning of EZG

EZG started as EZ Grout and was born from the desire of one man to improve the quality of equipment used in masonry. In 1988 founder and CEO Damian Lang sought to help contractors increase efficiency and profitability with American made products built from hands-on experience. Masonry equipment available at the time lacked sturdiness and reliability, causing operators to experience systemic machine clogs and mechanical failures.
Damian developed the first Grout Hog® after numerous prototypes. Over time, he perfected models by patenting new features specific only to the EZ Grout line, like clog-prevention mechanisms and an innovative delivery system.

Successful Expansion

Once Damian’s invention proved useful, he turned his creative focus to other areas of construction and masonry, eventually releasing Mud Hog®, Uphill Grout Hog®, Hog Slopper®, Hog Leg®, Hog Trough® and Booger Hog®. In the early 2000’s Damian introduced his Fence Hog® which now includes several models for the fencing industry. This automated fence installation equipment is well-known for saving construction crews hundreds of hours on large projects on virtually any terrain.

EZG Manufacturing

EZG’s reputation as an industry leader in masonry, fencing and construction markets grew and soon its products were found on construction sites all over the globe. As Damian and his team learned more about the industry, they began to develop custom solutions for specific contracting problems. This led to the formation of EZG Manufacturing, which offers an extensive range of services, from laser cutting to machining and powder coat painting.

EZG Today

Damian continues to expand EZG’s services and is quickly becoming a leading industry voice. As an author Damian also shares what he’s learned after a lifetime of experience in his book R.A.C.E. – Rewarding and Challenging Employees: For Profits in Masonry. Damian’s column, “Contractor Tip of the Month,” is featured in multiple major industry magazines. He also regularly offers seminars and consultations for masonry and construction organizations all over the country.

Website: https://ezgmfg.com/