A Division of Bay Verte Machinery


The story begins in 1942, when a young Texas entrepreneur, Robert “Earl” McMackin, developed and patented the stadia rod to help seismologists search for oil. Precision Specialties Company was born the following year in Dallas, Texas. By 1950, Precision Specialties Company patented portable breast reels and multiple tools for the down-hole handling of dynamite, continuing the innovation that started the company. While servicing companies in the geological field, additional needs for other quality supplies became apparent. Earl and his son, Edwin “Ed” McMackin, began purchasing slit cheese cloth, one of the first materials used for roll flagging. Eventually, non-woven materials gave way to vinyl as the roll flagging material of choice. Other marking product requests continued to reach Earl, products such as wire marking flags. Precision Specialties purchased slitting equipment and in 1956 began slitting finished roll flagging for their customers.

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