A Division of Bay Verte Machinery

Max Katz Bag Company

In the mid 80’s, Max Katz Bag Co. began an ongoing process of becoming a Computer Integrated Manufacturer (CIM) as a matter of foresight for the market to come. It is that choice to integrate and automate which has allowed Max Katz Bag Co. to remain a competitor in the world market from then until today. The 90’s saw the addition of Hi-Tenacity multifilament spinning equipment, as well as more recycling and extruding equipment, which has positioned the company for efficient production as well as growth. Since the roots of our entire company began from the recycling of Burlap and Osnaburg bags, we have always placed an incredibly high priority on recycling. That is why we have always insisted on having a recycling division with ever-expanding capabilities on the factory floor. We look forward to the new challenges the future will bring us, and are prepared to handle each one through higher productivity, quality, and accountability. Generations of Max’s direct descendants and their spouses, totaling more than two-dozen members of the Katz family, have contributed to the continued success of the company. There are currently 3rd and 4th generation Katz family members working to continue this futuristic, ever-expanding, environmentally friendly company. Many others have come into the company, therein becoming a valued member of our extended family without whom the company would be nothing today. The Katz family and the Max Katz Bag Co. family invite you to see for yourself just what we mean when we say, “We strive to be a quality leader in everything that we do.”

Website: https://www.maxkatzbag.com/