A Division of Bay Verte Machinery

Vanair Manufacturing

Vanair® Manufacturing was originally known as Sullair PTO® and started out as a division of Sullair® Corporation, beginning in 1972.

Sullair PTO became a division of Sullair when an idea arose whereby the components of a tow behind rotary screw compressor were integrated onto a truck vehicle’s frame and utilized the truck’s own engine to drive the compressor via the power-take-off (PTO). From that idea, a new product and a new industry were born. The product was the vehicle-mounted 185 CFM underdeck rotary screw air compressor. This revolutionary new product eliminated the need for a separate engine driven tow behind compressor – freeing up the vehicle’s hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance and insurance costs and increasing mobility.

Sullair PTO became Vanair Manufacturing in 1984 and relocated to New Buffalo, Michigan. The company grew, and in 1997, Ralph Kokot purchased Vanair. In 2010, Vanair moved to its new building in Michigan City, Indiana. Vanair continued to grow and expanded its facility to 80,000 square feet. In 2015, Vanair acquired an additional 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility from a private owner, bringing Vanair’s total production and office space to over 160,000 square feet.

Website: https://www.vanair.com/products/utility-mount-air-compressors.html